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How it ALL Started...

A long, long time ago in the dark and scary world called College, a young couple by the names of Jason and Kelly had a Crazy idea.... They created a plan to help pay off too many years of school parties... ummm, I mean loans, School loans, yeah. Jason with a BA in Music, a soft lipped Trombone Player, Tooting his way to the Top. And Kelly with a BFA, with a concentration in the Fine Art of getting Messy, and a BA in Psychology... she can now certifiably call herself Crazy! Jason and Kelly decided to start a Business! Oooooh. Kelly, having some experience with ceramic stuff, decided to follow a trend of Contemporary Ceramic Studios. Growing up in the Poconos she knew there wasn't one in the whole area. So... Why not start one. After many ideas on the "Name" for the new store it struck Kelly like Lightning! In College everyone asks.. "So, where are you from?" Kelly always replied, "The Poconos!" Pointing to her nose. This would always get a laugh, breaking the awkward barrier. And that's how the name "Poke-A-Nose" Pottery came to be. And it all gets a little fuzzy after that....I think they may have opened the Studio in the humid heat of summer, the first day of August in 2002. And they've been working hard ever since. Building a Party Room from scratch, adding Mosaics and Mosaicing the floor... well you'd just have to "Poke your nose" in and see their little puppy Pixie and all the progress they made.
Talking about Progress... Jason and Kelly opened a NEW Studio in Historic Downtown Bethlehem August 2012!! They have split up their time to make it happen, but it's all for a good cause. :)

Our New Addition!!!
Drake Drake at 6 months Drake Drake at 2 1/2 years
Meet Drake. Our little boy. He's our little miracle. We were trying for 8 full years to have him and he's finally here! He was born August 20, 2010.  He will be here in the studio with us, as long as we are here, he'll be here... so poke your nose in sometime to see him. We are a Family run business with our Whole Family running the business. If you have any concerns with this please take it up with our new Customer Service Representative Drake. :D Thank you.

Update for 2013... Pixie the Pottery Puppy has passed away. She was 12 years old and got really sick. She may have even had a few strokes. She will always be apart of the studios and very very missed.

Call or E-Mail us at:
Phone: (570) 688-0044

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